The Case of the Mystified Muscovites

A French firm began exporting its hair removal product to Russia. The name of the product, as translated into Russian under the supervision of the French firm's advertising agency, did not give a clear idea of the product's use. The instructions on the bottle were even less helpful. Thousands of confused Russian consumers used the hair remover as a hair tonic and were stunned when their hair began to fall out within minutes.

The moral of this story is two-fold: Good translation is a team effort. It must involve translators and editors who are supervised by a skilled management team. And the more layers of "management" or "client services" between you and the translator, the greater the risk of a translator error.

At blitranslations, we use only professional, highly-skilled translators. Each and every translation is reviewed by a second, equally proficient translator -- known as an "editor" -- before being typeset by our staff. We are happy to arrange direct communication with the translator and/or editor to ensure the best translation possible.