Cross-Cultural Consulting and Multilingual Support

With over a decade of experience of providing cross-cultural training, The Boston Language Institute has developed numerous programs designed to meet the unique needs of each client, from government agencies looking to establish stronger international connections to Fortune 500 companies wanting to enhance their working relationships with their subsidiaries.  Programs have also been developed specifically for individuals, including cross-cultural coaching for senior executives and foreign-born professionals.  All programs, whether small or large in scale, are designed in close consultation with each client to provide training and consulting services tailored to the exact needs and requirements for each project. 

In a legal setting, having expert knowledge of the cultures and backgrounds of those involved in a case can be instrumental in developing a successful strategy for a deposition or trial.  Without this understanding, the potential for miscommunication is far greater, which could have serious consequences on the outcome of a case.  Incorrect assumptions regarding a client’s background can cause major problems during a deposition or in court, when securing the right testimony is critical to winning a case.

The services provided through this cross-cultural training include:

Briefings and information sessions on business practices, including legal and economic systems, and societal structures, for specific countries, regions, and cultures  

Cross-cultural seminars and workshops, which can be provided on an individual basis, in small groups or to entire organizations

Training sessions to develop techniques and skills needed to successfully navigate a multilingual or multicultural environment

Multilingual and multicultural support in a corporate or legal setting, including linguistic and culturally specific strategies to effectively communicate with clients

Contact: Siri Karm Singh Khalsa, President
Tel: 617.262.3500