Desktop Publishing Translation Services

The comprehensive translating services at blitranslations includes not only the expertise of professional text translators, but high quality desktop publishing as well. We have a complete word-processing and desktop publishing facility in-house, and can provide text on disk in most major word-processing and graphic formats. After the text translators complete their job, our desktop publishers and production staff can insert the translated text into your existing files created in QuarkXPress, PageMaker, Powerpoint or other major software, or they can create a new document layout depending on your needs. As a comprehensive foreign language translating service, blitranslations ensures excellence in all our multilingual desktop publishing projects, creating documents with well-translated text and graphically sophisticated layouts.

We produce translations in a variety of formats and different media. We provide translations as a hard copy and/or electronic file for both Windows and Macintosh platforms in several applications from any major word-processing software. We can also produce EPS files, PDF files, camera-ready copy on RC paper, and color separation on film.

Our experience in assisting those in the financial, medical, legal, and technical fields sets us apart from many other foreign language translating services that do not have the capacity to deal with the complexities of technical translations. From our text translators to our desktop publishers, we are equipped to excel with even the most complex projects.