Arabic Translation Services

What’s common to coffee, cotton, alcohol, lemon, and orange? If you had a tough time answering this, it’s time you answered Arabic. All these words find their roots in Al Arabbiya or Arabic, the language spoken widely in the Muslim world spanning Central Asia and Northern Africa.

With an estimated 186 million native speakers, it’s the sixth largest spoken language in the world. This language spread along with traders who used to ply their wares along the erstwhile trade routes. The Arabic root system makes it different from the European language family in that the words consist of three letter roots to convey a basic idea. Addition of other letters to this root letter produces words conveying meaning to related or similar words.

BLI Translations is a world leader in the interpretation and translation services of Arabic-English and English-Arabic language pairs. With demonstrated expertise in translating services in over 120 language pairs, BLI Translations interprets and translates Arabic to and from major languages of the world.

Our committed team of native Arabic speakers and linguists are distinguished interpreters of this great language. Whether you want to address the up market clientele of the cash-rich Arab or the teeming masses of Central Asian and North African regions, you need to address them in a language that has been in existence since times immemorial. Not surprisingly, kingdoms, governments, and business firms trust BLI Translations in speaking to the Arabic world. Be it interpretation and translation services. Your window to the Arabic world is incomplete without BLI translations proven expertise in interpreting form, content, and context to and from Arabic into any major language in the world. Our confidence exudes from the fact that we are uniquely positioned to interpret and translate Arabic into any other major language as we employ the best linguists and native speakers in all the world’s major languages to give you nothing but the correct Arabic translation and interpretation. Apart from translation and interpretation services, we also extend services in the area of website translations, voice-over in Arabic language, and desktop publishing.