Chinese Translation Services

It is the language with the most number of speakers. It derives its English name from Portuguese or Malay, which in turn are derived from Sanskrit for Imperial Ministers. It is the language with which you can reach out to a sixth of the entire human population. Chinese is the language which is the window to a land steeped in tradition and history.

Chinese is a language with several dialects. With the number of speakers larger than any other language, each dialect can be more or less treated as a language in itself. BLI Translations has an army of trained linguists who are adept at translating and interpreting the Chinese language. A world leader in Chinese translation and interpretation services, BLI Translations offers services that are unmatched. Translating Chinese to and from all major languages of the world undertaken by BLI Translations.

With the Chinese economy posting double digit figures, the whole world is interested in investing and partnering China. BLI Translations offers world-class translation and interpretation services from Chinese to English and English to Chinese language pairs. If there is a need to work with anything concerning the Chinese language, BLI Translations is the right service provider to head to.

With several years of experience in Chinese translation and interpretation, our team of experienced linguists will do everything to help you overcome your lack of knowledge of the language. Industry experts and business tycoons are unanimous in their choice of BLI Translations when it comes to translating and interpreting Chinese to such varied sectors such as banking and finance, media, education, and governmental and non-governmental agencies. Be it website translation, desktop publishing or voice-over production, our folks do a fine job of interpreting content, text, and context.

Simultaneous, conference and consecutive interpreting is our forte. Our team of experts deftly handles the successful realization of your conference or meeting from Chinese to English and English to Chinese or any other language.