German Translation Services

The German language holds the distinction of having the most written translations into and from a language. With its over 120 million speakers it dominates the European Union region in numbers and influence. It is extremely popular as a foreign language and a third of the population of EU member countries are conversant in this language.

It is little wonder that German was once the lingua franca of northern Europe. Germany has been the focal point around which historical events have revolved. It has had a profound influence of the course of events – not just of Europe - but of the entire world.
Today, Germany leads the world with its fine engineering skills. Its precision engineering solutions are used to manufacture the most sought after watches and cars. The whole world swears by German beer, German football, and German engineering.

BLI Translations excels in English-German and German-English translation and interpretation services. We are a trusted name synonymous with excellence and commitment in translating and interpreting 120 language pairs. Translating and interpreting German into and from all the world’s major languages is a niche in which we have made an indelible mark.

We provide German translation and interpretation services to a wide range of clients extending from major corporations to small businesses. We can count law firms, universities, media and marketing firms and federal, state, and local government agencies as our clientele. We also offer website translation, desktop publishing, and voice-over production.

Our expertise in simultaneous, conference and consecutive interpreting has been vouched for by our esteemed clientele. Our team of highly committed German linguists strives tirelessly to realize content, text, and context. If you are looking to translate or interpret German to or from any of the world’s major languages, BLI translations is the only trusted name.