Portuguese Translation Service

Portuguese with over 200 million speakers is the seventh highest spoken language in the world. Beautiful is a term associated with the language and its speakers. A poet has described the Portuguese language as a última flor do Lácio, inculta e bela. "The last flower of Latium, wild and beautiful". And every four years, there is a Portuguese phrase on the whole world’s lips – O Jogo Bonito – The beautiful game. A reference to the way Brazilians play football.

The Portuguese, natives of Portugal, were traditionally sea-farers and people involved in commerce and trade. Their trades took them to different continents and led to the rise in the spread of their language – lingua Portuguesa. Portuguese is now spoken in large numbers in Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America. It is, according to many estimates, the fastest growing European language, and is the language with the highest growth potential as a communication language.

BLI Translation specializes in translation and interpretation services for Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese language pairs. Our expertise in translating and interpreting over 120 language pairs is a demonstrated fact. We are comfortably placed to interpret and translate Portuguese into and from all of the world’s major languages.

Our experience in translating and interpreting to a diverse clientele consisting of major corporations, law firms, universities, media and marketing firms and federal, state and local government agencies has stood us in good stead. We also offer Portuguese website translation, desktop publishing, and Portuguese voice-over production. Our services include simultaneous, conference and consecutive interpreting.

Our team of highly trained and expert Portuguese linguists work tirelessly to help you successfully realize your conference or meeting from and into Portuguese and English or