Selecting a Translation Service

Here are several questions that will help you determine the level of quality you will receive from a translation service:

Is the firm run by linguists? A translation firm run by linguists is a haven for other linguistic professionals. They know that their passion for language is shared by top management and that their perfectionism will be appreciated. A foreign language translator who respects the professional opinion of his or her employer would be ashamed to submit anything less than a superior product.

Does the firm insist on knowing as much as possible about a project before quoting a price? Translation services that give you a price quote without knowing the nature of the source text, the intended use of the translation, and the sophistication level of its intended readers are more concerned about price than quality.

Will the firm put you in direct contact with the translator? Oddly, many firms hide the identity of the foreign language translator from their clients. This hurts the client by making communication difficult and increasing the chances for error. A truly professional firm has nothing to hide.

Does the firm have the range and depth of experience with international communication to offer what you need? Be sure that the firm can supply you with the foreign language translators and interpreters you require for your project. A firm must have a worldwide network of foreign language professionals to call upon. At blitranslations, we can offer assistance with almost any linguistic need, from Arabic or Latin translations, to Spanish or French interpreting!

What quality control measures does the firm use? Be sure you know what kind of product you are getting. Some firms sell only "basic" translation services done by staff translators or even so-called "machine translation" and do not edit before sending their work to the client. Ensure that the company you hire uses professional, qualified foreign language translators, has a second text translator edit each document, and has experienced staff members who provide any extra required services, such as desktop publishing.

blitranslations is a dynamic company enriched by linguistic professionals from around the world. Years of experience have lead to the development of practices and technologies that ensure quality and efficiency. Our unmatched reputation is a direct result of client satisfaction with the work we do.

What You Can Do

There is much you can do to be sure you get the results you are seeking:

Give the translation service as much information as possible about the project. This includes details on the origin of the source text, the intended use of the final product, the sophistication of the intended readers regarding the language and the subject matter, and any other pertinent information.

Make the appropriate people in your organization available for direct contact with the translators. Provide the names of one or two contacts who can answer questions regarding the contents of the source document. This ensures that any uncertainties of meaning can be resolved quickly and accurately. In rush situations, we need to be able to reach key people by telephone after business hours.

Schedule projects as far in advance as possible. By making arrangements in advance, your costs will be lower and you will be able to find a company that can meet all your requirements.

Provide feedback to your translation service. Companies that value quality always appreciate recommendations or requests regarding future projects.

blitranslations encourages you to contact us with any questions or concerns. We enjoy fostering positive and open working relationships with our clients. As a company consisting largely of linguistic professionals, we value effective communication, understanding that it is integral to maintaining our high standards.