Voice Over Services and Tape Transcription

As a full-service translation company, professional voiceovers and tape transcriptions represent an integral component of our language services. High quality voiceovers enable companies interested in capturing an international market to communicate their mission and vision to audiences worldwide. However, unless done well, the results can be mediocre, if not damaging to a company's image. At blitranslations, we hire native voice over artists who are experienced at language translating and recording voiceovers. We can provide voiceover artists and arrange a studio for all your recording needs. Of course, we have expertise in over 140 languages, employing French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish translators, to name only a few.

Foreign language audio and video tapes can also be transcribed and translated onto hard copy or electronic files. As a leading language translating company, we apply a wide range of technologies to achieve the results you are looking for.